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AA Self Storage Tips for Montoursville & Williamsport PA Area

  • Store the items that are the most frequently used at the front of the unit.
  • Create an aisle or space for you to access your items in your storage unit.
  • Place items on pallets or raised off the floor to allow airflow throughout the storage unit.
  • Drain oil or gasoline from items with small engines.
  • Use protection covers when storing valuable furniture.
  • To avoid rust building up on metal items, wipe all surfaces with a rag and a few drops of machine oil or WD-40™.
  • Use a wardrobe box to store dress clothes, draperies, blankets, and other similar items.
  • Never store perishable, flammable liquids, toxic materials, or any items that should be in a controlled environment.
Stack of Boxes - Storage Tips

Keep your belongings safe with these smart storage tips! Contact our Montoursville, or Williamsport, PA location with questions.